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Opinion: It’s Been the Best Year Ever for Dogs. Here’s Why.

We dogs are more than just the walking fluff balls that hog the bed, keep your feet warm and share our fave squeaky toys with you. (You’re welcome.) We also like to think of ourselves as BFFs, secret keepers, conversationalists and the fuzzier half of one serious cuddle power couple.

This year, many of us became coworkers, too. Don’t think we haven’t noticed: The past 12+ months have been stressful and weird for you humans in lots of different ways. And dogs? We did the best we could to give you snuggles, a sympathetic ear and — our specialty — unconditional love.

But even if this past year was super tough for you (and I get the feeling it was a bummer for everyone), take comfort in knowing that it’s a great time to be a dog. Here’s why.*

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Walks. All the Walks.

Most days, Mom and Dad would leave the house when it got light outside. They’d have a lot of bags and stuff in their hands, and they’d tell me to be good, kiss me on the head and then go to a mysterious place called “work.”

But then one day, they stopped going anywhere, and they seemed sad and preoccupied. So of course I tried to be extra cute and do all of their favorite things — like splooting, playing dead and tilting my head during our conversations — to make them laugh and feel better.

And then something magical happened. We started taking more walks. Like, a lot of walks. Multiple times a day. They still spell out W-A-L-K like I don’t know what that is. It’s pretty adorable. But now I get a few chances each day to go outside and feel the wind in my fur and sniff all the interesting smells, and then we come inside, and Mom and Dad feed me. Speaking of which …

The Best Thing to Happen to Dog Food in, Like, Ever

Lately, my folks have been giving me these delicious bowls that really get my tail wagging. They're made with real meat and wholesome, fresh veggies. The taste and the texture are almost too good to be true. I could go on and on, but maybe you should just have your dog try it for themselves.

New Ways to Visit

Oh, and sometimes Mom lets me say hi to other humans in the glass box she keeps on the table. She talks to it all day, and I love when she lets me talk to it, too. Sometimes, I even get to meet the other humans’ dogs. They’re always happy when they see me, and I like seeing them, and we have a good bark about it. (Except for that one dog whose name I will not mention — I do not like their vibe.)

Extra Quality Time

Mom and Dad used to take me to The Park some days to hang out with all these other dogs. (I was in the "small dog" group, but my best friend was in the "big dog" group, so we couldn't play together that much. But I digress ...) I used to run around super fast and chase the ball and roll around in the sunshine and pee on the grass, but it's been kind of nice to just relax and spend more time with my mom and dad. They seem a lot calmer when I'm around, and that makes me feel happy, because I love them so much.

So, in summary, I may not know exactly what's going on all of the time (honestly, my schedule is pretty booked with taking naps), but I can say fur sure that this past year has been the best year of my life.

*Whether this is completely accurate or just something fun we made up, we can call agree that one bright spot during the last year has been the extra quality time with our four-legged friends. As our correspondent notes, its a great time to be a dog.

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