dog with bowtie

DIY Bow Tie for a Dapper Dog

Dress codes don't apply to dogs. Still, your little one might enjoy the heart-melting power a bow tie earns him at the next dinner party — not to mention the extra treats. Follow these easy steps to boost the cute in his collar.

What You Will Need

dog bowtie materials 
  • 2 pieces of Velcro
  • A strip of fabric 2x5 inches for the middle
  • A strip of fabric 4x9 inches for the bow
  • Ribbon cut to fit comfortably around your pooch’s neck

Step 1

gingham material 

Fold the 4x9 piece in half, width-wise.

Step 2

gingham material folded 

Fold 1/3 of the material back on itself.

Step 3

gingham material folded twice 

Fold over the other side.

Step 4

gingham material and polka dot material 

Using the 2x5 piece of fabric, fold 1/3 of it over itself width-wise. Then fold the other side over the top of that.

Step 5

homemade dog bowtie 

Pinch the bow in the middle and tie the strip in a knot.

Step 6

finished homemade dog bowtie 

Cut off the excess.

Step 7

homemade dog bowtie with collar 

Place one Velcro square on the front-middle of your ribbon, and a connecting square on the underside of your bow tie. Then place another set of corresponding Velcro squares on your ribbon’s front right side and under its left side.

Step 8

dog wearing homemade bowtie 

Attach the bow tie to your party pooch and mingle in style.

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